Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I have no excuse not to blog right now

Laziness is the best right? It motivates you to take the easy way out and not do what you should be doing; be it something productive, getting out of bed, or in this case.. blogging.

Awesome right?!

Hell no. Laziness is a disease that needs to be stamped out as soon as possible. I'm plagued by it every day and I only regret my laziness when ironically, I have no time to be lazy. However, give me a free day and I can assure you that I will do almost nothing that I should be doing, unless you count catching up on beauty sleep as productive. Then in that case, you can call me Shirley, and I am serious.

Regardless, the first and only step of getting out of that hole is by just.. doing something. Anything, and here we are. I am writing my first blog post in about .. a year? Some blogger huh, but I really have no excuse now. I've made the successful transition from student to unemployment, and with this new found freedom, it's about time I start doing the many activities I say I'll do when I'm not able to. Unfortunately, I cannot blame my studies anymore (like that was a good excuse anyway).

This includes:

  1. learning to draw
  2. animating again
  3. doing stop motion again
  4. learning the guitar!
  5. learning to program better
  6. submitting my final year project to the android market
  7. getting fit! and last but not least..
  8. getting a job

And travelling when I'm rich. Man that would be sweet.

Oh yeah! I am a computer scientist; for realsies! Genuine and all graduating with a 2.1 from the University of Hull with a degree in Computer Science with Games Development. Not too shabby huh? Didn't hurt that I got a first on my final year project either, but I will probably go into detail about that and my degree in a summary post about my experiences at university. Here is a screenshot anyway:

Shes my baby

Hopefully you can experience Gritta in all of it's awesomeness soon. 

Anyway, I am back Blogger. Not for the random person who managed to somehow stumble upon this blog (though welcome without a doubt!), but for me; to keep me on track and give me a bunch of goals. I am fortunately still young and have the rest of my life ahead of me, so it's now or never. Otherwise, I will be regretting my wasted time 20 years from now with no alternative choice available.

Then what? What would be my excuse for laziness then?

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