Thursday, 12 July 2012

Scrawny to Sturdy Week 0: #1

It's bad enough that this post had already been delayed over a week, but week 0?! How does such a preposterous period of time make sense? Well, contrary to popular belief, we all do start somewhere, and my first week was a failure. A shame I know. My excuse is that I was extremely busy with interviews and such, but at the same time, it's my own fault I didn't balance my own time. My bad.

There is no failure, only feedback - Robert Allen

Pretty promising stuff really. When a door closes, another opens right? I would like to think so. This is why I am calling the first week 0 as I did get some stuff done, but nowhere near the amount as I would have liked. Very annoying. But why not detail what I did do? That is always fun!

My first run of the regime. I wasn't exactly going for speed, or for a personal best for that matter. This is my usual route, starting at my home, just over 4 miles around a loop, then back to mine. I tend to do a bit of a warm up first, a warm down after, and then some stretching. Seems to help with the fatigue afterwards. Actually, the chance of pain doesn't usually hit until a day after. After a run, I feel pretty good!
As you can see; eh. Nothing special. Nothing too hard. I've kind of grown accustomed to this run. I did this run over a week ago, so it's pretty hard to remember exactly how I felt. But yeah, point A to point B, and I did it.


And then things started to go down hill. As stated, I had interviews this week, and didn't really have much time for myself. I ended up only doing one set of my workout rather than 3. Unfortunately, I didn't even break a sweat. I don't really know why I didn't carry on. Perhaps I was just being lazy. I won't even detail it. How embarrassing.



What the hell man!? I know; as stated this is week 0 because of my failure to keep a promise to myself. I suppose it takes time for these transitions in lifestyle to really take place, or make an actual change. 3 is apparently the magic number to stop smoking. 3 whole days. Maybe 3 weeks of this and I won't be able to sleep without it? Hopefully.

Because of Thursday's pathetic excuse, I wasn't going to let nothing happen. Annoyingly, I was to get up at 5am the next day because of an event called Rezzed I agreed to volunteer at. After being in London all day, I ended up doing some cardio exercises with a skipping rope for about 20 minutes. Skipping is pretty hard if you're not used to it, but man does it tire you out. I will surely integrate it into my regime some more at one point. Afterwards, I was still at a friend's house, so I thankfully borrowed some weights to get some of my muscle work done. Better than nothing I guess.



Well, to be fair, I was up at 5am and standing all day. My legs were turned into mush and I decided not to push myself in case of injury. It sounded good at the time, but it's annoying now to think about the work built up to it for no reason. 



I know right? Once again, I was on my legs all day and decided not to do anything. Ridiculousness. Whatever, it's all in the past now. Nothing I can do.

Rest. Really? From what you ask? Don't ask me. I think I was in the mindset that I had already had a bad week and would start fresh from Monday. Oh well.


It just goes to show, the snow ball effect I mentioned in my first Scrawny to Sturdy post can happen to anyone at any time. Even the most determined. If you let yourself skip one work out, then what is the harm in missing the next work out? You only begin to regret what you have done after you have skipped it. You are so distracted during the time you should be working out that you don't really think about the consequences, but they come. They most certainly do come.

With the olympics coming up, this is a pretty motivating time to start exercising. It's pretty hard not to get bitten by the bug, so I recommend anyone right now to get involved in anyway they can! Congratulations to all of the recently announced team GB athletes anyway. What pressure. What glorious tasty pressure!
In summary, bad week; bad! Week 0 will remain as a reminder of what failure is. Perhaps running (no pun intended seriously) was far too soon of a challenge for me. Crawling is so much more appealing at the moment. We will see how this fleshes out in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!
How depressing.

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