Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wii U? More like Pee U

Let me just declare that I love Nintendo. I have for all of my life, and I probably will for the rest of it. I just needed a stupid title to get your attention, but hey look, you're here!

Nintendo. Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo. Seriously, they can't catch a break, and it seems they're used to it if the past few generations are anything to go by. After the NES/SNES days where they were basically market leaders without real competition, it seemed that except for their core user base, the general market were more interested in what was on offer from competitors. Don't get me wrong; the core user base (me included) is HUGE, and Nintendo can definitely survive with them even if that means not winning the generation. The N64 and Gamecube can vouch for that.

The Wii however was a whole different case. Nintendo went basic, and appealed to the casual market. Cheap software, cheap hardware, and a cheap gimmick: motion controls. The console was so close to the previous generation in terms of specs that it also meant there were cheaper development costs, and third parties just used it for quick cash, mostly consisting of mini game compilations, but regardless, it was a success. The core gamer got their Zelda's, Mario's and Metroid's, and the casual gamer got Wii Fits, Wii Zumba, and.. whatever. The point is, they weren't competing with the PS3 and 360 for those cross platform third party games. They just didn't need them.

The problem is, Nintendo seemed to apply the same sort of strategy with the Wii U. Go cheap, go basic, and don't forget some sort of gimmick. This isn't Wii days anymore, and as recent stats show, things do not look good. They tried it before; it worked, but now we are in a new modern world where smart phones and tablets are also seriosu threats. Partner that with the upcoming release of the PS4 and the Xbox One, and the outlook just doesn't look good for Nintendo. You said your body was ready Reggie.

I will definitely not fail to mention their:
  • lack of games: It's cliché to say there are none, but really, they are. It's one thing to have no third support, but no first party titles either? Come on Nintendo.
  • third party support: It happened with the Wii and it's happening now. Rubbish ports with less features than last generation versions, and they wonder why their games don't sell.. they put in less features because the Wii U community is small, but the Wii U community is small because the third party games have less features. The vicious cycle.
  • games available: First party titles keep the Nintendo fanboy happy, and help to bring in other players. During their first year, the only Mario title has been New Super Mario Bros Wii U, a sequel to New Super Mario Bros Wii, which is similar to New Super Mario Bros DS (which also has a sequel New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS). Where is Smash Bros? Mario Kart? A real Mario platformer? ZELDA?! 2014. Over a year late to the party. The just releases Pikmin 3 isn't going to keep gamers happy for that long.
  • marketing: Have you seen any adverts?
- but as stated, these aren't even the main issues anymore. Nintendo needs to sort out their image. Get people to know that the Wii U exists, and it's not just a Wii extension. It's a whole new experience..

- when the games show up.

Will they lose this console war? Probably. 

Are they going to go bankrupt?


They really just need to think of a brand new strategy. Target a new audience. The Wii U has a lot of potential, but it's being wasted on rehashes and bad ports. I'll never give up on Nintendo, but I'm not strubborn enough either to say they shit gold. Maybe it can be like the 3DS. Have a bad first year, and then end up becoming fricking success. They just gotta wise up. There are so many games being released for the 3DS (third party included) that I can't even count. Get this drive over to the Wii U, and we have a winner.

Or not. Nintendo is no stranger to mistakes.

The memories.. they burn..

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